About Us



Doctrinal Statement

I affirm that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. The Holy Bible is without spiritual error, it is usually man that errs in his interpretation of and application of it. The supreme subject of the Bible is the Lord Jesus Christ. The supreme purpose for the Bible is the manifestation of the glory of God. The intention of the Bible is to be a revelation of, the being, works, and program of God.
Philosophy of Ministry

I hold that the primary purpose of the Church is to win the lost to Christ and disciple them to Christian maturity. All programs of the Church should be designed to accomplish this purpose with emphasis on evangelism, education, and congregational ministry. The role of the pastor is to lead the church in accomplishing Ephesians 4:12-16. The pastor must preach the Word. He must be a leader both within and without the church. The pastor is not to lordeth over the church. He is an earthen vessel holding a sacred and precious treasure, the Word of God. He is an undershepherd given a heavenly charge by the Chief Shepherd to care and feed God’s sheep. The pastor is God’s child, His servant, His laborer, he does not belong to the people, even though he serves them day and night. The pastor is shepherd, overseer, worship leader, director, supervisor, organizer, motivator, administrator, and counselor.
Personal Testimony

Through much purging and cleansing the Lord prepared me for the gospel ministry. I surrendered to the gospel ministry after a futile argument that I was not worthy. The Lord assured me that no one is worthy in himself and that I was not headed for leisure but labor. I was licensed to preach on June 23rd, 1985 at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, College Station, Texas. I was ordained to the work of the gospel ministry on October 11th, 1986 at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, Anchorage, Alaska. I have grown to fall head over-heals, slap-happy, in love with Christ Jesus. I have set myself that I will obey him at all cost. That I will do what is right according to his sight. I now know that our personal relationship with God in Christ Jesus is the most powerful and precious thing we will ever have.
Personal Goals

My prayer and heart’s desire is to be found pleasing in the sight of the Lord. To cause his face to shine upon me. To see all the visions he has set in the belly of my faith to come to fruition as he performs his perfect work in me. I am determined that I will be of that number that will stand before his presence forever, to serve him day and night (Rev. 22:1-5). I am also determined to persuade as many souls as I can to stand with me in that number.

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